Thursday, August 6, 2009


I went camping this past weekend with Rob. what an experience for me. I haven't been camping in years. The last time I went was on the annual niece camping trip with Aunt Deb and Uncle Ron. That wasn't a fun trip so it left a sour taste in my mouth for camping. But I actually had fun this time.

We set up the tent and got eaten alive by mosquito's so we decided to make a trip to the gas station real quick to pick up something to eat and some bug spray. we tended the fire most of the night because most of the wood was damp and wouldn't stay lit by itself very long. We did manage to get a good fire though.

As we were falling asleep I heard a few branches snap and it freaked me out. So he got out of the tent with the flashlight and looked around to put my mind at ease. At some point in the night I heard a coyote howl a few times, but it wasn't too close so it didn't bother me.