Monday, July 21, 2008

I might have something interesting to post at the end of the week ;) I didn't have my camera this past weekend, so I couldn't take any pics. Beth had it while she was in NYC.

I went and saw Dark Knight at the midnight showing on Thursday or should I saw early Friday morning with Jon. It was AMAZING!!!!! Heath Ledger did a great job. Friday night Jon and I took our guitars down to the pier and played around for a bit. I put some decoy money in the case. Jon ended up making $2 since he was the one playing at the time. After I had a freak out cause a spider crawled across my foot, we headed over to memorial park. after we played there for about an hour. we met Brian at Starbucks. Ended up hanging there for 2 hours. Brian is an amazing guitarist. I let him play my guitar. I wasn't in the mood to play anymore at that point. I hope we didn't annoy anyone. oh well. no one complained to management to tell us to stop. ran into a few old friends from High School. it was interesting talking to them.

so that's whats going on with me. I'll post more later. I have to get off to work.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Addition

So I have a lovely new addition to my body. I LOVE it!!! It was done by Keavan Rivers at Zahra's Tattoo studio here in Beacon. The muscles in my neck are so sore right now. you don't realize how little fat you have on your back until you get a tattoo there. I found out after I had it done, that the area I got it is one of the more painful places to get done cause of the nerve concentration in that area. it didn't bother me too much. it was quite tolerable. I only visually expressed the pain on my face every once in a while when he hit a real tender spot. Every time he went over one area I could feel it by my elbow. and the fact that my lower back started tensing cause of the position I was in, that kept my focus from the pain somewhere else and not on my neck. The top pic is with out flash and the one below here is with. you can see the colors better with the flash. it's shiny cause I have A&D ointment on it. only a few more days before the dead layer of skin starts peeling off and scabbing. once that's finished I'll have a beautifully healed and lovely tattoo. Once it's healed I have to go back for them to take a pic. They couldn't get a good one yesterday since it was shiny.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Grad party

So I bet you were wondering when I was going to post again... It's been a crazy week at work and I haven't had much time to devote to blogging. I managed to take a few pics on my phone this weekend. My actual camera doesn't have any batteries in it so this was a last resort since I don't really like the camera on my phone.

I attended Graduation this weekend at Beacon High. Boy was it hot out!!! Jon yelled at me for wearing all black to it. But in my defense, that was all I had left in my wardrobe were the 2 items I wore. I was in serious need of doing laundry.

Sunday I attended a grad party for my friends Cheyenne and Kristy. I had photo with Cheyenne and Drama with Kristy when I was in school.

Here's Cheyenne. ^ were all standing around watching people swing at the pinata.
Hey look who it is KATIE(^in the brown)!!!! her and her BF flew out from Lakewood, WA to see graduation and to attend the parties. Kristy is tying the Bandana on Cheyennes head. It was real funny to watch some of the people swing and completely miss the sun. this on kid kept hitting branches. another swung and hit the rope and knocked the sun off the rope. yet it still didn't break when it hit the ground. Watch out for Cheyenne she's dangerous when she swings!!! she almost hit a few people who were standing behind the fence.
So that was my weekend.