Sunday, November 9, 2008

Masquerade Party

Last Night was Nate's 20th Birthday Masquerade Party. It was fun. I spent most of the night getting ready and doing my makeup and Adrienne's makeup. There were a lot of people their some that i knew and others i didn't. None the less it was fun. Loud music, Entertaining dancing. lol and a visit from the police cause of loud noise and to also tell us that some people had to move cars cause it was a fire hazard. they wouldn't be able to get a fire truck down the street if they had to apparently. I got home about 2 am made a few crash and bangs cause I couldn't see in the dark. lol.

This is the makeup I did on Adrienne:

Here's the makeup I did on myself:

Just some random pics from the night:

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So I am a little late blogging this from when I was tagged. this is my 6th picture in my sixth folder. It's and old illustration from Alice in Wonderland. It's of the queen of hearts in "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!" HAHA I love how this is my 2nd alice in wonderland post in a row. So who do I tag??? I guess mom. I can't think of anyone else cause I don't know who reads my blog other than my family that has already been tagged.