Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shows at Renn Faire

So we only saw a few shows at the Renaissance Fair. First we went to the Mudd Brothers. That pretty much is a glorified mud wrestling show. lol. then we went to The Royal Chess Match. All the Royals Come out for that. It was pretty cool. After The chess match we went to the Dextre Tripp Show. He does fire juggling, knife juggling, He even juggled a chain saw that was on along with an apple and a bowling ball at one time. He used a lot of audience members in he stunts. He had one girl hold a pretzel in her mouth while he was juggling knives and then proceeded to cut the pretzel in half with a flying knife. it was pretty intense.

Here are the Mudd Brothers:

This was a balance trick that the 2 Stupid Guys(yes that's the name of the act) did before the chess match to hype the crowd. Once again, audience participation.

This was the start of the chess match. It wasn't your typical chess match. Pretty much it would be dictated who would fight who and then you would see a sword fight, ax fight etc.

I couldn't help myself. I had to take a picture of this adorable baby. and look at the drool. He's too cute:

Dextre Tripp:


Anonymous said...

that chess match looks REALLY cool!