Sunday, December 6, 2009

Circle of Friends

I love my friends. My friend Nate who I've known since we were babies, gave me this award on his blog. I've never gotten an award for a blog, and its understandable that I haven't cause I hardly blog. But this award is special cause it's about friends. I want to thank you Nate for giving me this award.

Now on to the rules that come along with receiving this award.

1.) grab the award

2.) post it on your blog along with five things you love to do

3.) five others you want to recognize....

So here it goes. 5 things I love to do.

1) Makeup: I love putting makeup on and doing it all fun and fancy. I also love doing other people's makeup. I'd rather do makeup than hair.

2) Music: I love everything about music. I love to sing, play music, dance, go to concerts. Every time I attend a concert an indescribable feeling comes over me. It's kinda like a feeling of warmth, joy, excitement. I can't quite find the right words to describe it.

3) Photography: I love taking pictures. it's a hobby of mine. I wish I had a SLr camera. that would fuel my love of photography even more.

4) Spending time with Rob: I love him. every minute we spend together is precious to me. I never thought I would find someone who loves me and accept all my flaws and medical issues. he truly cares for me and loves me. even if we do nothing and just stay in and watch a movie, I'm perfectly fine with it cause I just love spending quality and precious time with him.

5) Sleeping in: any chance I get I love to sleep in. I just love sleeping late into the day. if only the sun didn't shine directly in my room in the morning and lightn it completely up.

Now if only I could come up with people to give this award to. I don't know many people who actually blog.

I'll give this award to my sisters:

1) Beth @ Observations and such Even though we fought a ton well into our teenage years I love her to death and miss her a lot.

2) Leslie @ Fluff & nonsense My Big sister twin. lol even though their is a big age difference. whenever were out together we sometimes get asked if we are twins.

3) Colleen @ As Is Proper I don't get to see her and her kids much, but her blog keeps me informed. I miss them

and a few friends:

4) Laura @ mendoukusai Don't get to see her that often anymore but she is a great person. We met through Nate years ago at his 13th birthday party. I can't believe I remember that.

and Finally:

5) Nate @ This is how it feels yes I'm putting you in here Nate even though you were the one who nominated me. I love him we've grown up together. it's really been a pleasure knowing him

Their you go. I have finished it. lol


Anonymous said...

hey Katie...

umm, SLR, Yes, please!!!! :-) LoL.

I think you have grown into such an amazing person (not that you haven't always been one) It's been a pleasure knowing you this 21 years on the planet, and I hope to know you many many many many more!!!