Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spend a day with me Swap

Hello Fellow Swappers!!! I decided to put this swap in my Blog. It wasn't the most eventful day, but it was a busy day none the less.


I made a trip to one of my local Starbucks coffee shops. I have been craving their Pumpkin spice latte for a few days now. I went 2 days in a row for it and both days they were out of their pumpkin Spice mix. So I settled For Peppermint white Chocolate Mocha and a slice of their Holiday Gingerbread. Boy is it Yummy!! it has slivers of crystallized ginger through out it as well as on top.


Got home with my yummy Starbucks. I settled in turned up the heat in the house because I was freezing and drank my coffee. for the next hour I just lazed around and enjoyed my day off from work by catching up on my tivo recordings.


Time to re-touch up my roots. I have been meaning to do this for over a month. I probably had an inch and a half of my natural color showing. ick!!! and being a hair stylist I really needed to recolor and get the roots gone. Yes I'm using a box dye. I know I shouldn't as a stylist, but old habits die hard. I've been using this color for a year and a half.

apparently my glove had a hole in it. I spent probably a good 20 min soaking my finger in color remover and trying to scrub it off but it is still stained.


I just finished putting the color in. now I sit and wait to wash it out. didn't think you would want to see the inside of my shower so I didn't take a picture of that. I ended up playing bejeweled to pass the time. with out my glasses on I can't really do much cause I can't see very well. So the computer was the easiest and only thing I could see. lol

1 pm: I cleaned out my car but I didn't take a picture cause I highly doubt you wanted to see what it looked like. I live in my car practically. I'm always driving places and am always on the go so I carry a lot with me.


Lunch was a little late. I ordered it at 2 while I was trying to get all the pieces out to set up the Christmas Village. But it was so Yummy(seems to be my favorite word today). They call this Pizza "Grandma's Pizza" I'm not so sure why. It has chunks of garlic and chunky sauce and a little bit of cheese. the crust was nice and fluffy as well.


Finally I got the village up. I had a few minor mishaps. Started opening the box upside down and a few pieces fell out. 2 of the people fell out broke at the feet. so now I need to glue them back together. Overall I think the Village came out looking very nice.

4 pm

I decided to sit down and read my book. I love this series. It is classified as young adult, but I find them intriguing. more action in them then the twilight series. Once I finish I can start on the next book which I had to go pick up at the Library.

6 pm

Went to the Library to pick up the items that came in for me. The 4th book in the series I'm reading came in so now I really need to hurry up and read Shadow Kiss. I can't wait to watch The Soloist. it looks like such a good movie.

The rest of my night was spent reading and doing a lil more catch up on tivo. before I decided to head up to bed around 10:30. I was supposed to go out christmas shopping with a friend of mine but those plans were canceled on her part. oh well Maybe today the shopping will get done.

I hope you enjoyd spending a day with me.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh mannn.... I wish I woulda had a camera wit my during my tour, I totally could have done this! Although I probly couldn't tell you everything about my day since some of it is classified.

Colleen said...

I love these bloggy things. The black finger tip is funny. I happen to like young adult books from time to time. Do you think Quincy would like them?

Kate said...

I think she would. definitely nothing like twilight. everything happens on a campus for vampires. its pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

hey kate, i have another award over at my blog for you!