Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It kinda ticks me off that I only ever have 1 person really who comments on my blogs (Thank you Nate). Especially when I can see that certain people I know visited my blog just by the city that appears in my counter on the side. I put effort into my blogs and enjoy seeing comments but I never have any. It would be nice to know sometimes that my family does read my blog and actually enjoyed my post.


Anonymous said...


as long as people read them thats all that counts right! at least you know people are reading :-)

but i feel u its nice to feel some comment love every now and again.

Comment her blog Bitches!

Colleen said...

hmmmm... I could have sworn I commented on that last one. Sorry, I know how you feel.

Kate said...

Thanks Nate and Colleen.

Anonymous said...

no problem Kate!